You can’t call back a tweet

I tweet a lot, and when I’m watching something like the Grammys or the Republican debates, fast and furious–sometimes too fast and furious.

Case in point: After listening to Lindsay Graham blather on with his Obama hatred and warmongering–and noticing how tiny he looked next to the other three junior debaters (Pataki, Santorum, Jindal), I tweeted, “Why Lindsay Graham didn’t ask for a step ladder is beyond me. #RepublicanDebate”

I know I actually gave it some thought in the wording, so that I had to be somewhat aware that I was kind of making fun of his height. As my tweets go directly to Facebook, I got a couple responses, but when I saw them a couple hours later–and they were favorable–I felt embarrassed, and compelled to admit, via another tweet, “Kinda regret snarky comment about how little Lindsay Graham looked at #GOPDebate. I ain’t so tall, either. Small-minded observation stays.”

I looked it up and Graham is 5′ 7″–only one and a-half inches shorter than me. Then I thought of my friend and music hero/genius Paul Williams, who always jokes about how short he is, but I’m sure he’s the only one who ever really notices it.

Then again, Paul’s a giant in terms of talent. Graham is a political pygmy. But like I said, in terms of my original tweet, I ain’t so big, either.

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