YouTube Discoveries: The Chantays’ “Pipeline”

It was just the other day but I’ve already forgotten who made reference to Lawrence Welk on Facebook or Twitter—but I do remember piping in right away with a comment that I, too, used to watch The Lawrence Welk Show religiously. I also saw the show in concert at the Dane County Coliseum in Madison, Wis., and gave it a rave review in the late 1970s when I was a stringer for Variety; much later I became friends with Lawrence’s son Larry, who runs the Welk Group of music companies including Vanguard and Sugar Hill Records, and Kathy and Janet Lennon of the Lennon Sisters.

So here’s a clip from the Welk Show, in memory of Brian Carman of instrumental surf-rock band The Chantays. Carman, who was 69 when he died March 1, co-wrote the group’s classic 1963 hit “Pipeline” while a high school student. His obit in The New York Times linked to a clip of the band performing it on the Welk Show—said to be a departure from its more traditional acts, and for sure, one that I don’t remember seeing back then.

As you can see, they do seem horribly out of place. Maybe that makes the clip that much better!

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