Had an occasion to drive past Cancer Survivor Park in Ranch Mirage, Calif., not too long ago. Later looked it up on Yelp.

“This is such a special place to meditate about what is important in life,” writes Svetlana S. “It was very thoughtful of the founders to create a park dedicated to cancer survivors (since we all probably know someone who fought a fight against cancer).”

She continues, “When you are there next time, make sure you stop and send good thoughts to those who are battling cancer. They need all the support they can get.”

Very nice. But keep driving. Not more than a block away is Smart Cremation.

“One doesn’t normally think to post a review of a funeral business, but eventually we all will need it and it is important to choose the right one,” writes Sara B.

“From the moment we made our first phone call, through the entire process, it could not have been a better choice.”

A smart choice, Smart Creation. And good to know for future reference, next time I drive past Cancer Survivor Park.

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