Introducing a new website,

Yes, this is finally my answer to the fall of back in July. I’ve started a new site for the sort of stuff I did for Examiner, though without the silly. limiting categories and titles. So now I can really write about everything else that didn’t fit in the what, five Examiner titles I had?

No, Centerline doesn’t look as slick as Examiner. Heck, it doesn’t even look as slick as! That’s because Examiner’s energy was devoted in making a slick-looking site, presumably in order to attract advertising and page clicks. As for written content, like I always said, a two-year-old could write for Examiner, indeed, your pet dog and cat probably could, though maybe not your goldfish. It did have some standards.

But I don’t mean to slag Examiner. Huffington Post is hardly different, at least not anymore. The quality of writing there, except maybe for a few of the “name” political writers, is no better than the worst of Examiner, as the writers seem to be mostly twentysomethings—at least that’s where their interests lie. Journalism in the new millennium has wholly gone the way of People magazine and USA Today.

Not that is out to change anything. No, Centerline will continue my career trajectory in covering things that others generally shy away from, if not run away at full speed. It won’t be as personal as, probably, but maybe more professionally written—that is, so far as I’m able to approximate a professional writer.

Then again, I am a professional writer! I do hope subscribers and visitors here will now subscribe to as well. And thanks, always, for your continued support here!