Reflections on Nick Ashford–Part 12

Well, Nick, it’s been three years today. Even if it only seems like three days.

Of course, we all think about you every day so it’s not like you’ve been gone. And talk about you: I bring you up all the time, in any kind of conversation, and learn again how many people were affected by you that even I didn’t know about.

I want to say today that you would be so happy—and not at all surprised—how well your family is doing.

Val continues to preserve the Sugar Bar–which she didn’t want but grew to love as much as you. And she continues your career through hers.

Nicole remains the most wonderful, sweetest young lady, always a joy to be near, like you.

And Asia, you’d be so proud to see what your baby girl has become. Self-assured on stage and off, spontaneous as ever and fearless, like you, in being her own person and speaking her mind. Always comes up to a group and says, “How are you, beautiful people?”–sometimes even making us feel beautiful!

And as for the rest of us? Well, I won’t say that you’re not sorely missed—even after being gone just three days. But it still rings so true, what George Faison, who eulogized you so beautifully, told me a few months later as he jumped into a car after another great night at the Sugar Bar: “Who could believe that Nick Ashford could be gone?”

The answer, we all know, is no one. Then again, you aren’t gone. Not from our hearts.

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