The Fall of the House of Bessman, Chapter 1

So my career has come down to this: I had no place to write outside my own website, and then I found while researching.

They were looking for writers and obviously had no standards—and paid by the click. Since July 10, 2009, I’ve written 1,424 stories and have yet to make one month’s rent.

But most of the stories I’m happy about in that I got some kind of spiritual kick, not that I’m spiritual, but at least I felt I did something worthwhile, i.e., writing about something that meant something to me, whether or not anyone read them, which few obviously did. And didn’t care.

Maybe once or twice a year I get an email saying how they “thoroughly enjoy” what I’ve written, so much so that they’re “sharing it at a higher level,” meaning that they’re promoting it on the site. I got one a day ago.

I should be happy, right? Except they’re promoting one of the few pieces that I did next to nothing on, that I basically edited and modified a press release! Nothing uncommon in the whole scheme of journalistic things, but something I rarely do because it usually doesn’t interest me. Since I’m not getting paid more than pennies, I generally write about what I care about, like I more or less said.

The case in point is an announcement from the Songwriters Hall of Fame (SHOF) about the Hal David Starlight Award going to Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons. Now as I said at the bottom of the piece, and as I do with all SHOF stories, I noted that I contribute to the SHOF newsletter. In fact, I’ve been a longtime supporter of the SHOF for years and years. For God’s sake, I’ve been in the music business for decades and as the cliché goes, it all starts with a song.

But do I care about Dan Reynolds? Imagine Dragons? God, no! I wouldn’t be able to even name an Imagine Dragons song had I not copied a few titles from the press release! Did ever promote anything I wrote–like 99.9 percent of the 1,424 stories I’ve written there since July 10, 2009–that I cared about. God, no!

So my career has come down to this.

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    now, this is good, seeing your website like this.

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